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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Renee Bondi

Heard this woman sing at a Banquet a few months ago. Mid Forties, vibrant, talented, mother of a teen age boy, loving husband....and a quadraplegic. She was a popular choir leader at a High School in San Clemente, months from her wedding when she sleep walked, and dove off the end of her bed while dreaming she was at a swimming pool, and woke up paralyzed.

The irony of such a thing is stunning. The awesomeness of such a thing is that her fiance did not leave her, they had a child naturally while unable to feel anything from the shoulders down. She continues to sing around the country and share her testimony of going forward with what she had left. Imagine singing when your diaphram no longer works as it should.

She is an inspiration to handicapped people every where and to normal people as well. Just thinking about the blessing of a body that moves today.

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