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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Christian Viewpoints are all over the map

The old Gilbert Water Tower downtown is now a park for children and parents to splash is a pressure fountain.

For many years I was a faithful reader of Christianity Today. There came a point when I was through with an issue a feeling of depression would sweep over me for the state of world Christianity.

I have a gift subscription to a slick publication that represents a very large segment of modern Christianity and lately when I finish the months issue a feeling of depression sweeps over me...not for the state of Christianity but for the answers the church has to solve the terrible state of the world today.

It's not that there ideas and hopes are wrong, its just that they seem to want to be there first with the slickest, and the quickest, and the huge conference to follow answers.

This months idea to rescue civilization is a play of American History, a flag with the motto, "An Appeal to Heaven"
If we pray hard and together God will give a great move to bring American back from the brink of self destruction.

The problem with that for me is that the same magazine is filled with warnings that Jesus is coming to rescue us and rapture us and end this mess.

Which is it? We find a way to combat evil, restore righteousness, and tame international disorder, or we wait for God to get us off the planet?

To say God can do what he wishes, is not to say God will do what we wish, or is it? And is it rescue removal or the hard work of peacekeeping?

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