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Monday, March 9, 2015

Who Speaks for Orthodoxy?

builders on our recent mission to Rocky Point.

Someone posted an article from Charisma Magazine saying that young progressive Christians are messing with the teachings of Jesus and posted a stock photo of two young people with tattoos and piercings. Raised a lot of ire from the tatooed and pierced evangelicals.

I wonder who has a right to criticize and say that the church is off base at all. Would the Catholic Church be qualified to hold us to orthodoxy? I think not.

I guess the funny thing to me is that as a rather recent reader of a gift subscription to Charisma magazine I would say that they may hold the blame for promoting the ministries of some of the wackiest theological views and most wolf like leaders in today's culture. I find it hard to see that particular pot telling the kettle that it is black.

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