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Monday, March 16, 2015

Door to Door Evangelism?

A FB acquaitance sees four men in suits door knocking in her apartment complex on a Saturday Morning, tries to appear as if she is not home, and wonders if this method is still effective on her FB page.

A number of people post saying please stop this equivalent to fuller brush salesmen method of obtaining decisions for Jesus.

Some people note the success of the growth of Mormonism as a positive evidence that this works, and my question is, how is a conversion to mormonism proof that true born again experiences can be won at the door of strangers.

As one raised within the success stories of Coral Ridge Evangelism, and one trained to do evangelism by looking at my five fingers for the points, and as one who saw a conversion in an apartment in Birmingham AL, I am still on the side that leans toward the cessation of this form of evangelism. I see the harm out weighing the good in our current American culture for more reasons than I have time to share.

Add it to the fact that my own sense of the golden rule is violated by anyone who confronts me with an opinion and demands I make a decision now, like any salesman of anything ever made or any service ever performed. If you push me I run, dude.

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