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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Amazon Daily Deals and my joy of electronics

This is number two office portable that I use for projection at the church services now. Its over four and getting cranky, already lost a hard drive and a screen.

Every week Amazon throws a half off or more sale on something. Sometimes I buy, like a few days ago. I keep a journal of sorts on my Kindle, and love having a portable keyboard that works with bluetooth technology. Now they have bluetooth mouses which need no usb dinglethingy to run. My new portable bluetooth keyboard is smaller, and has five backlit colors so you can type in low light. If you would have predicted I enjoy creative writing and thinking and journaling on a small portable Kindle with small keyboard/ mouse I would have laughed.

I am so greatful I made the switch to a computer in my early 30s so I could enjoy all this.

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