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Monday, March 23, 2015

Through a glass darkly

The walking bridge at Hanapepe, Kauai.

Glanced at an article I want to study later, but the premise I know to be true. Human beings have the ability to process information differently and in essence filter what they read and hear through a personal or a group lens. That means groups of people under the influence of a teaching or teacher may have a unified understanding but someone from outside my see and interpret things differently.

This is true about looking at the results of political actions, for I see the same information being interpreted differently by the party spirit.

It explains why group Bible study can become so contentious so quickly.

More later.

I absolutely know that the way I read and understand scripture has changed since I moved away from the theology of my youth and entered into some different hermeneutical pathways. Grace changes everything,and the character and compassion of Jesus is for me the way to define the character of his father in the new covenant.

Meanwhile, I have another week to climb the mountain of life. People, plans, work, thought, relaxation, communication and cat hugging.

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