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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Book of Revelation

If God is revealing future moves in the book I am not finding them.

Someone at our study wondered out loud if we would all have been better off if that book had not made the canon. Even after listening to a greek scholar share a literary reading I find apocalyptic language heavy handed and confusing. I am not moved by it nor do I find it edifying in any way.

Then you add my fourty year conflict with the Hal Lindseys and the Jack and Rexella Van Impes of the prophecy for profits genre and my blood got boiling so badly last night I went into my office and had a nose bleed. I seriously need to stop thinking about the end times confusion.

To top it off I came across a clip of the Van Impe duo raising major money connecting the Y2K issue to the end times and the silliness of it all just blew my mind.

Those who become obsessed with it need to get a life, and it's killing me slowly with its words.

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