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Monday, March 30, 2015

Commuting is not tax deductable

The exciting but fictional road through Juraasic Park.

I presently commute 2 miles from home to office. Recently our main road was refreshed with a new coat of asphalt, and I notice right down the middle seam of the road, grass popping up from what must be a foot of dark road underlay. Wow, nature is slow but persistent in getting us back to the garden.

For seven years my commute was 12 miles each way, but it was away from the city and quite pleasant on quiet roads that have since been populated by our huge growth spurt in the great Phoenix suburbs over the last 20 years. We wanted a home that was not in the horse property areas, so the commute was our choice.

Previous to home ownership my commute for the first 14 years of my career was a walk out the door to my desk in the church office 30 yards away by foot. It had its advantages during those years, including frequent children popping in to say hi or to beg to be allowed to play in the church nursery area.

For many the commute is a transformation from private to public self, but for me my thoughts about God, faith, and life begin when I wake up and never really change when I change my work environment.

In that I have been blessed and burdened for self employment for tax purposes does allow me to take business miliage from the office to the appointments in hospitals or homes, but my work, my calling, is never left at the office.

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