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Saturday, March 28, 2015

It's His doing

A Clydesdale in Hawaii?

I know its Holy Week, but in recent years I am so appreciative of what God did through Christ that I have no desire to try to do anything in my own actions to make the finished work of Christ more authentic by trying to set apart a day or a week and be more holy or more transformed than I am.

The living Christ is the one in whom we live and breath and have our being. I would rather share his unconditional love with everyone and allow Him to change them and continue to live each moment in realization of the unity he has already declared in a world full of different people and different cultures. My faith in God and love for others does not require me to refuse to give people all the love and compassion which God shows toward me. Yes I am ready to share the reasons for my hope but do not live in the necessity of insisting everyone be where I am in my understanding today. God is love, and we are known by our fruits of that love. His risen love is declared for all in the gospel.

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