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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Retirement practice

Mexican children with little still play with smiles.

Laura returns to the classroom Monday for the last quarter of the school year. We spent more time together but did not travel or break our routine. We had a birthday dinner, two boys in the house but it was in some ways retirement practice. Two weeks of her own schedule. She enjoys reading so she read, she enjoys home projects so we worked on a few and dreamed about a few. She likes a clean home and so she cleans, seriously.

I hope I will never stop being a teacher, a truth seeker, a beauty collector. But I do desire some freedom to see and do some things, or spend some time in our home that does not follow this weekly schedule I have observed all my life.

When we switch from earned income to savings, social security and pensions we will have less money and more time, so we will learn to maximize the joy of the time and be careful with the ways our money is spent, duh! don't we all have to do that.

I feel good transitions in our future. Lord Willing. I hope and pray for time to enjoy these transitions.

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