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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Farewell 2014

The rain comes down in a gentle manner as we end our office year. Here are two pictures of my home away from home for the last 12 years, after a whirlwind straightening job by Shannon and Charlotte. I love our manufactured home office space.

I took an hour to help a friend prepare to advertise a 72 Mercedes for sale, its a sweet ride for some antique lover out there.

Saw the movie Unbroken last night. Good job of seeing the mercilessness of hatred and the power of endurance.

Laura has a good book she is reading, nowhere to go, and a great day to stay home. We will end our voluntary game of fasting from heat tomorrow and have a warmer time during this current cold spell. Over two months without using the AC or the heater....yeah us.Yeah lower electric bills.
Even Kitty got under the covers this morning, her ears are thin and cold.

Happy New Year!

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