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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Painful lives

Living in a bit of paradise in the desert.

When I see all the racial disharmony in our country it saddens me greatly. I feel helpless to change anything, and yet thankful that I am not living in the midst of it.

I do not ever want to be near an angry protesting crowd of any race, creed or color. It brings out the worst in people. We have the right to peaceful assembly in this country but when it becomes violent no one wins anything.

I think some of my personal changes over the last decade have made me realize that the majority opinion of anything needs to be questioned a bit, and that folks need to be very independent and individualistic in many areas of tension in this world.

What can I say, I live in a gated community, in a segregated housing area, not by race, but by age. No young people allowed, no strangers walking and driving past my home.

I live on a cul de sac, my second one in a row, and people who pass my house either live here or made a mistake. Except for the security car that calls me when I leave my garage door open. Now that is a safe place to live.

I feel sorry for the heat that law enforcement is getting. I cannot imagine what our country would be life if they disappear or are crippled from using necessary force.

I thought we had moved further from the Selma Alabama days than we have.

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