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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dream Launch

Wow, 25 years ago this month we moved from the gulf coast of Mississippi to the East Valley of Phoenix AZ. I wanted to leave stuffy tradition, stodgy old buildings, and mean spirited attitudes behind. At least that's how my mind felt it.

I don't want to reflect on anything heavy, but to share how odd is still is for me to have this much time invested in a location. Yesterday I ate lunch with friends near my first home purchase. So much change, growth, and struggle in the area. I know the whole town now, all 60 plus miles wide, but these are my familiar streets of my adopted home.

I am an Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Alabama, Mississippi transplant, but Arizona has been my home for longer than any other, and I still don't ride and rope or own Cowboy Boots.

Happy to say, I like my City. The raw hills, the ugly desert, uniqueness of each town within the larger area, the parks, the ponds and lakes, the downtown. Nothing happened like I dreamed yet we survived, grew, lived, loved, enjoyed it all.

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