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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Old people have baggage!

We visited a coffee growing plantation on Hawaii one rare Sunday morning off a year ago....Don't judge me.

Having a discussion on a small group, and me and another reformed guy had an old wound scratched open by a newer believer. I ranted about it and he observed that someone must have really hurt me in the past about this issue.

He was right, but it was not just someone, or one time, it was many people at many times. It was the accumulation of a mindset that tried to gently enforce religious obligations on me. If you want to be part of this group, these are things we do and things we don't do that we are sure that make us more pleasing to God.

Was I wrong to take such a strong position on the freedom I feel when discussing religious practices like the old discussion about proper ways to keep the sabbath?

My problem is that there is such a fine line between suggesting that God would like me to set aside the day in a special way, to insure I was resting properly, and being judged because you are not keeping Joe or Sallys scruples about Sabbath.

Then you add the huge issue of sabbath being an old covenant requirement and you wonder why people are trying to turn the Lord's day into another way to practice religious oneupmanship.

I think this type of activity code is damaging to grace and faith, not just neutral.

Sports on Sunday, Restaurants on Sunday, playing outside on Sunday. Its a treadmill that only spins faster and goes nowhere.

Preachers who sort of work on Sunday are supposed to sort of make Monday a sabbath.....what a holy crock of religious #(@)#&#^.

Live your life, be authentic, rest when your tired, have a weekend, which is an american kind of thing because some people do sadly work seven days a week to survive that crazy money demanding world.

Jesus did not come to help me be a better sabbath keeper. Do I sound wounded, your damn right I'm wounded and sorry I had to cuss to make the point.

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Bebe said...

Amen.....and Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!Good Preaching.....Preacher!!!!!!!!!