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Friday, December 5, 2014

Pentatonix is polyphonic

One evening in Hawaii last year my small Canon started producing psychodelic pics. I thought I had broken it but it was a silly setting on the camera that produces this kind of image.

The human voice singing, if you have the pipes, is something beautiful. The group Pentatonix, a very catchy name by the way is making a splash with their Christmas CD this year. I love it when people use their voices for percussion and background. We bought it and are enjoying it.

I came across the word polyphonic this week reading a great book. The point the author is making is that if we are unbiased and honest, that the scripture has many voices that create tension and may yet harmonize the varied needs of its audience. We cannot be so dogmatic that we are sure of only one interpretation when we find verses that seem to affirm a wider and more hopeful stance on many things.

Some need mercy, some need rebuke, some need forgiveness. The scripture speaks in many voices that should make us less dogmatic but more hopeful that the world and the universe will shake out in the shape of a God who is love and mercy.

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