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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Too much out of control type news

Christmas long ago at Aunt Esther and Uncle Al's in Indianapolis.

Some weeks the headlines just kind of overwhelm me. The Pakistan inhumanity, the Cuba reversal, the Sony cyber attack. My head spins with the moment by moment fleshing out of our brokeness, violence, hatred, and pride. It's not that I am not engaged, but that I am overwhelmed.

I hate what war does to nations, I hate what communism did and does to Cuba, I hate smug bullies like North Korea's dictator, and I hate that somehow we are marching toward WWIII, God forbid.

Somehow I have to unplug the sad noise. I hear the bells on Christmas Day, but there is no peace on earth. I need to feel what I heard in a message on the cross this week that when God seems to have lost control, He is still controlling.

I need hope and joy, its personal, emotional, immediate. The images of the news need to get out of my spinning head.

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