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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Storm #2 was better

My picture of Stary Night arrived from the Museum of Modern Art. It is a reprint with some neat new process on high quality paper that recreates the drama on the very famous Van Gogh. I have always loved it.

Wind and rain in our area last night. Lots of trees down and branches broken. We found a water leak under a wall that has just been visible through the bathroom remodel and now wonder if it just started, was started by the demolition, and where it is coming from?

The water issues in this house are driving Ms. Laura to distraction. Leaks and line breaks and clogs have done much damage to our home over the years.

When you have had no rain for four months it makes diagnosing leaks a bit of a problem. We cannot imagine this having gone on near what was our tub for years because there is no visible water marking or mold in the area. A mystery to be solved.

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Anonymous said...

Damage on Cottonwood amazing--we got an email from the guy who runs the mens golf group.
Haven't heard from our house sitter so hopefully that's good news!