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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hung up on the quality of life, have I gone all Oprah?

Happy memory of a few moments on a black sand beach.

My discussions on the subject of the recovery of New York City in terms of public safety in the parks and subways and streets has caused interesting reactions in people I care about.

So, life is safer for people, so what, you have not saved any souls.

I contend that lifes biggest questions can only be answered when we are free from hunger, have shelter, and can live in relative safety. Therefore the governments role in defense, and public safety, and providing super structure for our life in terms of ditches, roads, sewers, streets....these are all essential to creating a life of spiritual openess.

We are material people living in a material world.....hey that would make a great song.

I think the point of tension between me and my spiritually minded friends is that I have come to believe that God's grand experiment with humanity involves us spiraling upward, becoming more humane, kinder, less selfish, more productive. Life has a purpose and co existing in peace and harmony advance that purpose whereas insecurity, inhumanity, cruelty, theft, abuse, violence for personal gain, or just general selfishness are indicators that the gospel is not doing its full work in our time here in this precious life.

I'm with Oprah, lets really live.

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