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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grasping the hope of a continuing civilization

The streets of New York

One of the by products of a healthy Christianity is a civilized society. Not because all have embraced the faith but because all have recognized the values of the faith. The old saying about a rising tide raising all ships is true in this case.

The statistical and observable change in the streets, subways and parks of NYC in the last half decade has given me a glimmer of hope that I refuse to let go of this week. I heard over the weekend that the out of control violence in Chicago has caused some to seek more information about the manners and methods of the New York efforts to make the city safe for working people and families.

If our country is to recover from lawlessness, in addition to a church that teaches and lives in grace and hope, we need a government that does not allow disorder to rule on the streets. Its a marriage of law and order with an understanding of our weakness and poor choices we make as we are growing up, plus those who decide to make their life stealing from others. You cannot create a place where ideas and caring and goodness can flourish without having basic safety and security when you leave your home.

Even religion when it turns violent and repressive and criminal, as many have and continue to destroy civilization, then they too must face the protection of law and be restrained from destructive behaviour. I know this is all about society and culture and religion, and for me, the hope that our great country can be rescued from danger and disorder. Some Christians believe this degradation to be a prophetic necessity, and I am not one of them.

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