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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Joni Earikson Tada is one of my heroes in faith

Laura loved playing show and tell with this odd and beautiful creature.

This week Joni remembered the forty seventh year of her momentary mistake becoming a lifestyle of suffering and victory. We are very close in age and therefore grew up together, and she and her body of work in writing, teaching, and sharing the hopes and needs of disabled people have inspired me on a regular basis.

She spoke at the event which led to my decision to leave Dixie and come west 25 years ago. She spoke and we had a nice personal visit at a prayer breakfast in downtown Phoenix several years ago.

Her presence in that chair and when she sings or speaks are truly larger that life.

Her willingness to accept the handicap as part of the way that God would expand her witness has been a lesson for every person facing any limitation or trial.

She will not dance in this life, but she has been in the divine dance of the love of God in an intimate way that net all enjoy.

Thank you Joni. Thank you.

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