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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cultural Transformation

A stoller jam during a children's concert in Madison Square Park.

A conservative, a liberal, an Arab and a beautiful woman enter a park in New York City. They all have plans to spend some time there reading and relaxing. What do they have in common.....a safe place to sit and read.

This is the question I am pondering with great curiosity this week. How did the Flatiron District in mid Manhattan take back the park from meth addicts, aging hippies, homeless people, thieves, and thugs and return it to all the citizens of the city, who, though different in many ways, all benefit from a beautiful safe and peaceful park, well maintained and protected by the local police and a consortium of concerned citizens who see the value of such a happy place?

Hearing this tale from a sweet old French immigrant who ran a store nearby, and having it confirmed by a successful pastor in the area made this a legitimate question. Both of them admitted the city had restored itself to being and becoming a place not only to work but to live.

If the bible centers on transformation on a personal level, does it not also see societal transformation as well. Is this not the role of good and helpful government?

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