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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Convert to Islam, pay a fine, or die?

A really bad picture of bridal veil falls in Yosemite which I risked life and limb to get crawling over wet rocks with all those other fools out there. The sun was just in the wrong place that morning for a good shot.

I paid a fine yesterday for speed limit violation caught by camera in a school zone. They had me on camera, no denying it, but I had no memory of seeing any speed limit signs and am known for my dawdling slow pace on the road. Ask my wife.

Nevertheless they demanded a fine, which I paid. In my heart I am not a lawbreaker on this issue.

Seems to connect to the oddness of a demand that someone forcebly change a belief system from Christian to Islam. It is rediculous and tragic to force belief in anything. It goes against the idea of humanity and freedom.

You can show me the picture of my car in a speed in zone, but you would have to kill me to make me admit that I willfully and knowingly broke the law in a school zone.

Mitigating circumstance, I was enjoying a Sonic ice cream at the moment of the crime.

I paid the fine. Christians forced to convert against their will are leaving everything, and that is very tragic for the world and for relationships between these two belief systems.

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