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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Design Boo Boo

The tree like texture built into the NYC highrise won lots of awards and was a sight to behold.

Our bathroom remodel ran into its first setback when the holes for the sinks and the mirrors did not line up. Its fixable, but we lose a hidden wastebasket area. And the undoing will create a bigger hole where the water and drain enter through the counter back.

Trying to get a handle on the honduran border issues. Yes, we need compassion but the whole thing is unjust and hurtful and illegal and puts a tax burden on our country that is obscene. They need to be fed and housed and returned very quickly, and the stream of people has to stop at the honduran border. There is corruption and abuse being experienced all around. God help us to deal with this in the best manner possible.

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