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Saturday, July 5, 2014

One wrong move!

The grounds around the huge old Museum of Natural History were beautiful.

Yesterday I threw out my lower back again. This is a recurring injury related to a long ago accident that for some reason decides to happen again and again. It was made more serious in the early 90s when too few people tried to move a huge musical instrument at an awkward lift angle.

Yesterday, after many months of stability I moved wrong brushing my teeth and dressing and now I am bent over and in pain with nerve pinches and muscle tugs to protect from stabbing pain.

My chiropractor has helped, but I am stuck in this mode through the weekend.

Pain colors life, we all know that, both physical and mental.

On another note, the century plant in my neighbors yard is bent 40 degrees from the dust storm. Our backyard oasis took a lot of dust and yard debris we determined to bring the cushions inside next time.


KC Bob said...

"Pain colors life"

Yes it does Don.

Sorry you are hurting.

Wish you a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your back. Hope you can get help Monday.
We leave LA this evening