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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A one bathroom family

This is a replica of part of Lady Liberties robe, which shows how it was put together. I was very surprised to find out that the thinkness of the copper on the Statue of Liberty is about two pennies thick, She stands the wind and weather with the inner structure that allows it to move with the storms and not fall apart. A marvel at the time.

When we lived in Troy Alabama for four years during my elementary and junior high years, our family of five at the time shared one bathroom.
I know many were raised this way, but when two bath homes became the norm it really made living under the same roof greatly improved.

I remember being on boths sides of the door banging and begging for the person inside to finish their business and free up the facility. Part of the memories of growing up.

Its a wedding weekend for some dear friends whose grandaughter has grown up and found her soulmate. Fun to be part of an extended family when they are celebrating.

A birthday weekend for me. Grateful to be 64. Definitely playing the back nine of life.

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