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Friday, June 20, 2014

Vacation options observed

Linda began her long teaching career with a Mustang and a home on Pensacola Beach, they still live in Pensacola so traveling to see family and this great country has been a blast.

It is interesting to see how people retire. Where I live, the home is where we base our life, and depending on who you are, you have a number of ways to vacation. many have two homes, and two lives, here and there.

Many have some sort of mobile travel device. My Sis and hubby own a 5th wheel, and for ten years have seen America, used it as an extra bedroom for company, driven it to the local beach to change enviroments in their home town. We observe that maintaining and moving it is a lot of work, but rewarding, and occasionally pretty expensive, as the repairs they are making on this leg of their month long trip. Flat tires, A/C problems, all the issues of ownership on the road.

Some folks like us, go to vacation spots and rent rooms and cars, enjoying the local sights intensely but for a short duration. This is us, next week, in Manhattan, sightseeing by foot, bus and subway.

I have some friends who in a long retirement have moved through all these various options, the mountain cabin, the RV roaming and sitting in a space near family, the rented home in a cooler spot, and finally....just give me a recliner and a remote control.

Its all good.

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Anonymous said...

Look forward to hearing all about Manhattan. Hopefully Brian gets an employee rate for you at his posh hotel!
We've been through the RV stage but after three months in it for several summers here we gave it up for a split between our Sun Lakes home and a comfy condo here. Enjoyed camping out in the woods with the Airstream too--a perspective you just don't get from a motel along the way in your travels.