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Sunday, June 1, 2014

I'll see your three Grahams and raise you two Shaeffers

I am longing to see the Napali coastline from the top one more time.

The amazing thing about reaching the second half of life is the perspective you gain from observation and experience. I just read along with 10 thousands other bargain hunters, a book that Francis Shaeffer just published...Why I am an atheist who believes in God.

It was very well written and just what I needed as we are roughly the same age. He makes the major point that although he does not and cannot share the worldview of his calvinist missionary parents, he does share their love and passion for life, love, purpose, and beauty, and continues to pray and worship God and support his children and grandchildren in honoring those same passions.

He spoke about their intellectual passion to help students, and their practical inclusion and acceptance of sinful lifestyles as they ministered to that young culture in the 70s. They were he said, larger than their own belief systems when love and ministry were concerned, and I appreciated that, coming from the rather judgmental side of the reformed family.

It is love, and goodness and beauty and music and watching life replicate through the generations that make it all worthwhile. And it is God who is the author and finisher of this faith and beauty, and I am convincedFranky knows that reality and mystery.

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