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Friday, June 27, 2014

Sad sights and happy ones

In a city this big you see some people struggling. We see four or five homeless people beggin each day on the street. Someone placed a severely crippled women on a street cornooer to beg. Even sadder are the women who come on the subway and beg for diaper money or tell how they lost their job.

On the good side, this place seems safe for young women who are living and working here successfully. The streets are vibrant with people visiting and eating till late at night. We have really enjoyed Madison Square park, so funnel with pets and people.

The streets are so crowded, and on garbage nights they put bags and boxes and with all the construction scaffolding just walking a block is hazardous.

Restaurants are always full and eating out is a challenge. We had breakfast in a place with ten bar stools and two small tables, and it was a blast.

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