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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Amazon Prime

Summer monsoon duststorm capture that is quite dramatic. She better get indoors quickly.

I hope my pleasant relationship with Amazon does not tip the scales of some free enterprise future, but it is just too darn easy to like the search and send capabilities of this huge middleman. I know it takes money from local stores, but we also have a huge Amazon supply business center here on the west side of town.

Prime is a yearly fee that give mailing cost benefits, free access to books and movies, and now free music. Very cool. Last night I
rewatched a small drama about loss and hope entitled "The Magic of Bell Isle" with Morgan Freeman. Such a lovely film.

Bought some walking shoes, Laura a book, and an order on file for our fridges water filter. They all arrived in two days. That is Amazon Prime. I like it.

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Anonymous said...

We're watching The Magic of Belle Isle right now on Netflix-- love it!