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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Trips

Here is an early marriage shot on a vacation back when we were young parents.

I enjoy talking to folks about their trips and hobbies. If I had a do over I would include becoming a Harley Rider. Those folks enjoy the smells and bumps of road travel and if they can avoid hitting an animal or being hit by a truck, it makes for a life of good friends and happy memories on our continental US.

A week from today we will be getting up to plan a day of sight seeing in NYC. It will include trying not to look like a total rube with my shoulder sling camera and wide eyed out of towner look. I am way past dressing cool and blending in.

We enjoy the people watching we do in New Orleans, so this will be that kind of experience, plus tall buildings, crowded streets, and parks and museums and bridges.

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip and look forward to lots of pictures in the coming months!