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Sunday, June 29, 2014

No Place Like Home

A five hour flight, a good nights rest, your own coffee maker, and memories to last a lifetime of the city that never sleeps. Spent time earlier downloading photos from two cameras and two smartphones and have over 1000 shots to remind us of our trip.

Something occurred in a conversation with a store owner that has me thinking. A sweet frenchman who has run a NYC gift shop across the street from the Madison Square Park was telling me that this area was overrun with meth and crack sales, prostitutes, and homeless people for many years and was now one of the most friendly areas in the city.

Somehow, there was cultural improvement that transformed the flatiron area into a vibrant living, child and pet friendly area of safe streets, bustling restaurants, new hotels, and very happy people. During our week nearby at the Nomad Hotel we saw and childrens concert, a park filled with new sculpture, and people enjoying the weather, their pets, and each other in a joyous experience of city life.

How did Juliani accomplish this, what set of changes took the low lifes underground and allowed hard working young people to fill the city. This occured as Pastor Tim Keller admitted the growth of his church was almost 2/3 people who were already Christians realizing the city was a place you could live and raise your family in safety.

Somehow, this visible reality was and will be a great encouragment to me.

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