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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Can I enjoy life knowing others are not?

Visiting Boca Raton years ago, ogeling the lifestyle of the south Florida wealthy.

To me, it is the price of worldwide connection, to know that the experience of daily life can be so good for you and so poor for others, and to have no real concrete reason why you are here and not there.

On flikr the other day, I saw a collection of pictures from the streets of India, and the poverty, and sickness, and deformity and filty conditions of vast numbers of people in that collection was jarring to my soul. My culture and life experience here are so different in every way, how can I enjoy this knowing that exits?

We ask that question about other religions and cultures, can you spiral upward? Can conditions for everyone get better? Is is only our system in this country that has raised the standard of living for many.

What about poverty and need in America? What about the desperate masses of women and children trying to come to America for help.

Its all pretty overwhelming if you think about it.

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