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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Remembering Dad

My father built transportation cubicles out of aluminum. Truck Bodies, a new light weight and malleable metal that has changed our world. This industry provided us a modest living, and moved us around the country while we were growing up.

It kept Dad busy, often traveling, and we all saw that he was doing the best he could. The 10 plus years of retirement on their social security provided more time for us to enjoy each other.

Dad loved sharing coffee with friends at local restaurants, eventually McDonalds became his morning haunt. He loved laughing at TV comedies, loved having something to do each day. He never understood my world, but deeply was moved when he saw me teach and lead.
He served in the war honorably, worked hard and long, stayed loving and faithful to mom, kept trying to earn money long after retirement with paper routes, and was a loving, quiet, pleasant friend to countless people. I remember Dad on Fathers Day.

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