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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Report

What was special about living in upstate New York Finger Lake district, snow, owning a sled and a dish, and having the energy to get out there and find the hills and enjoy the crazy speed and abandon of a sled ride or a saucer spinning crash. I also had my own bedroom for the fist time in my life in that big house.

Our second grade grand boy is hooked on Disney teen comedy and says the early morning Donald Duck type stories are for kids.

A cold Friday and Saturday gave way to a warm Sunday and allowed them a swim and a golf cart ride.

Our son Brian is here to enjoy Spring Break with us and get a break from the pace of his life in NYC.

Laura begins her vacation with joyful anticipation that the end of another year is in sight.

Our Bible study room is filled with bag lunch preparation and conversation between people who have compassion for the poor.

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