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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pulled along by the Church Calendar

A year has a pace and a musical score. We are carried along by the seasons of life. Our personalities are often described by the seasons, we have spring people and winter people. Part of me wants to cooperate with this seasonal observation of all things gospel and celebrate the special holy days with special activities.

Part of me wants to treat each day like the rest and not try to build up some special seasonal excitement. A risen Savior has the same meaning to me in the middle of a cold January as it does on a beautiful spring morning.

I see all the churches along my streets gearing up and trying to attract the unchurched on the one or two days a year when they may have a spiritual thought, the ripe unto harvest idea, and we put on the special celebration.

I saw a picture of a church that had put up a tent, and were seeking to gather new folks. They had set up for over a hundred and when the pictures were published you could see about 20 folks scattered in the audience. I found myself hoping the pictures were taken early and that they had reached their hopes for lots of visitors. Part of me said, "whats the use?"

Those are some authentic blue Monday ruminations. I think I am a winter Christian.

Thinking about all those folks having a final winter storm this week. This picture was of a rare spring snow in balmy Jackson Mississippi in the spring of 67.


Lynn Beck said...

I remember that snow storm, and I share your sense of sadness/ bewilderment about 'marketing' of the faith. I - somehow - find myself thinking about Jesus' admonition to the man who was healed to 'tell no man,' and I wonder if we - like that man - are somehow missing the fact that God really can build the church - through his grace and his power - if we're just willing to let him work through us.

Don said...


Thank you for sharing and sensing my heart on this matter. It is so great having a connection with you so many decades after our Belhaven years.