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Monday, March 25, 2013

Resurrection Week

The morning sun woke me as it shone through our east facing bedroom, a good wife drinking her morning cup of Joe before returning to her school for the finishing quarter of another year. I thank the Lord for life, another special week ahead, for the great pizza i enjoyed with friends the evening before, and the anticipation of that perfect week of weather forcasted ahead, seven days of temps in the low 80s. Sunshine and spring smells everywhere.

Still pondering stories of 8 dollar gas in a country that provides the poorest wages in Easter Europe, and the government graft that allows officials to do a manipulation in business that ruins competition and free enterprise. Communism and socialism create a mentality that takes generations to overcome, if ever. Romania is in our thoughts and prayers as the Pincus build up the evangelical church on day at a time.

Many thanks to Jack and Eric for professional work in our two bedrooms that past week.

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