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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No one can match our three week spring

Everyone loves spring, especially those who have really had a long hard winter. In AZ we never have a long hard winter, we just gauage the number of days we had to take a sweater or a jacket with us. Therefore, we do not really deserve a long spring time, and....we therefore do not get one.

Every where people are walking, digging in flower beds, enjoying the outdoors, because anyweek now in our three week spring the temps will get above 95, and our long, long, long, summer will begin and its name is "endurance". Its the payback for our winter of perfect days. So if you are contemplating retiring to AZ know this, that more or less we get four months of very mild winter with one or two rains and near freezes. We have a one month spring, and a seven month summer, which peaks with dry heats between 105 and 115.

But now, what a spring we are having.

Canyon Lake from a boat on the lake, aptly named.

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