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Friday, March 29, 2013

Eat for Heat and Health

I have been conducting an experiment for the last six weeks as the result of reading and study on dieting and metabolic rate. I had discovered that obsessing about food and the scale made me miserable and I never lost much weight. The idea of dropping a whole food group or eating mostly protein or whatever diet fad just seemed to create more anxiety that success.

I know what whole foods and healthy foods are, I also know how much joy can be derived from eating things we truly love. What if we are guided by eating to fullness, reasonable freedom and flexibility, and staying off the scale to track and obsess about your weight.

So, I find that I have maintained my same weight, enjoyed the treats that came my way in moderation, still practised healthy choices but not obsessive ones. I was helped by the books Diet Recovery 2 and Health at any size.

Now to experiment with enjoying the same freedom and changing portions and exercise just enough to lose some pounds without losing a revved up metabolism and a relaxed attitude toward the joys of eating all kinds of good food.

Our new front yard and entrance way are beautiful, we are thankful that we can keep up with the yards on our street.

Now to finish the special services and joyful celebration of the core truths of resurrection.
The Landscaper said we had a really thick sidewalk, almost ten inches deep, and if our driveway is the same it will never crack.

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