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Monday, March 4, 2013

Truths that attract

An old missionary church in Maui.

It is sad and amusing to see how much fun the popular shows, cartoons and media are having with the election of a new Pope. Just saw one that had the candidates playing musical chairs to select a winner.

The sad part is that it reflects the true disconnect between modern life and the cassock-ed celibate priests and their traditions. I mean no disrespect, but it is so hard for non Catholics and just regular people to resonant with the structure, the pomp, the separation that the clergy distinction creates in this culture.

It would be so easy to blame culture, but the world grows up, the information age, the connectedness of the internet, the exposure of the violence inherent in some eastern faiths, it just all adds up to the need to find an authentic faith that reflects that we live in a different world than that which developed in medieval times.

My hope and prayer, is not that the Roman Catholic Church will go away, but that it will continue to modernize, to hold that which is true and let go those things which hinder connection to humanity as it is. The gospel attracts, tradition that no longer works do not.

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