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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Under the Influence

Every now and then I operate under the influence of another power. I strive to be there moment by moment. The presence of the Spirit of Truth when you are attempting to breath life into things well known and too familiar. When you sense the presence and relax and let your thoughts and heart bring the truth from inside you to outside using our all too weak language and intonations, and if it happens to reach folks in the heart, then you have tasted of the heavenly gift.

The Big House in Oneonta, NY on Clinton Av. We only lived here for a few years, it cost enormous amounts to heat in the winter, but those years in the third, fourth and fifth grade contain some of the richest and most vivid memories of my life. You should see some of the icicles that were generated in that second story corner. We also used to sleep outside on that upstairs porch in the summer. Fun times, great part of a wonderful life.

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Anonymous said...

This property was taken over by Hartwick College and they tore the house down. It had wonderful woodwork in the entry hall and stairway, a formal parlor with a fireplace and two livingrooms. The thing I remmember best was it sat two thirds of the way up a very steep hill that I had to climb down and up every day to go to high school. Oneonta had a wonderful program for children and teenagers at that time. There was a public pool for the summer and iceskating in the winter and several neighbor hood parks with arts and crafts programs for kids.I loved the library there.