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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Something is brewing in God's plan

Why have I ranted in recent posts on the different types of approaches to Christian faith and doctrine. Its not that I have any power to change a thing.

Here is what it is, I hope....the honest tensions and rumblings of another reformaticn. You see, every 500 years or so it seems that Christianity goes through its closets and holds a huge garage sale. Leaving others to hold the cheap and no longer usable junk of religious tradition. Some will buy and continue to the the old stuff assuming it has a life that has already left it.

Many will listen for the best of these competing new voices and interpretations till a wave of fresh wind fills the nation and the world. And it will have the scent of the original visions of God. It will ring true of the original hope of the one new commandment of Jesus, whose new command was based on a sacrificial love that preceded an offense. an unsought love, a love that does not judge the present struggles of the one being loved.

That's the hope I am clinging to, and the options I am sorting through. I want to be part of the solution.

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