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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A watchable Masters weekend

Kapalua Golf Resort, Maui.
I did get to golf once on Oahu, too much trouble to lug your club through the airport though.

I used to boast long ago that I could recognize a lot of golfers just seeing them from the rear as they walk the course. A golfer who enjoys watching golf can really learn more about the game and the swing and the mental aspects and tempo just by watching.

The beauty of grass, pine trees and azaleas makes the weekend very special. Add the history and drama and personality and tradition and you have something very special.

There are some views of believing in the gospel that tell us we must save people or the blood of the lost will be on our records. There's no time for anything but to warn them, no time for hobbies, no time for recreations, preach! preach! Implore!

My understanding of faith allows me to enjoy life in all its variety, for the good news permeates and glorifies our enjoyment of all things, even beauty and human development and sporting competition. I even know how many of those professionals are trusting in the Lord and serving Him through their sport. Not many make it that far, and....those guys are good.

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