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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Remodeling virus spreads!!

A year ago Laura and I bonded in a special way by living without a kitchen and cooking in a pot and microwave in the laundry room for two months, it was fun in a demented way. Now, said laundry room is a thing of the past waiting for matching cabinets and a new counter top.

Said counter top has been very special to me over the years, as it serves as a receptacle for whatever piles and bags of stuff I am hauling back and forth between the office and the home.

This kind of thing makes my wife very happy and that makes me very happy, and the matching cabinets will make the house more valuable, we hope.

Next place I expect the virus to hit, our master bathroom.

The ministry we donate our perfectly good cabinets too is really cool, there goal is to keep tons of stuff out of the landfill, give cabinets to remodel homes for free for old vets and the poor, and sell enough to the economy minded re-modelers to keep the hired help paid.

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