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Friday, April 6, 2012

Books and Faces

There is nothing more forlorn that books sitting on a shelf not being read.

I love learning from books, some are more visual and hearing oriented and learn more from listening, and I am sure they are both equally important.

That said I do not like our cultures tendency to create super ministers who have a star like following and are recognized everywhere and whose pronouncements and positions become like protestant popes.

That said I have really enjoyed a series by Louie Giglio we watched this month. It contained a long and poignant story of a three month walk with Christ, a tragic death, and evidence of how grace works among the college age students he is trying to reach.

A God big enough to make the Universe and small enough to knit the human body together in amazing ways, must be able to speak through pain and loss, as Christ's pain and loss are at the heart of grace and the new covenant.

One more powerful illustration that resurrection has no meaning for everyone apart from His identification with us in our suffering and death. That tasting of death for everyone is the heart of Good Friday.

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