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Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Observations

Been telling visitors how I enjoyed by hike in the Superstitions a few weeks ago.

Saw a young women running on a treadmill at the gym, her black and white text Kindle dialed so that five lines of huge print would show, running full speed her right hand would strike the page advance every ten seconds or so. Speed reading at its finest!

Strange realization of the relationship between my digital world and the real world. Watching ladies golf from Palm Springs on Saturday and the winds were ripping, then Sunday they arrive here in Pheonix. Makes the world seem more connected somehow to me.

Had free movie channels on my cable all weekend, thanked the Lord that I do not pay for any of these services.

Added a third tomato plant to my Topsy Turvey, I have always known that people with gardens are blessed to see how God slowly feeds the world from the soil and sun and lots of tending, and watering.

Ate a quick meal at Taco Bell and saw two teen age boys so large and soft that I became angry at what fast food has done to our culture, and know these boys will be teased and spurned for the flabbiness of their bodies when they desire to attract members of the opposite sex. Which will depress them and sent them back to Taco Bell.

Have begun to reread books that have affected me. A second slow reading is a pleasure as you remember how much you have remembered from the first time through, and it sinks deeper into your mind and heart.

Passed a heart attack anniversary and feel like I am blessed, am renewing battle against sugar and empty carbs as April is the last chance before hitting the pools this summer.

Easter messages leave me speechless, can never do justice to hope beyond the grave, but realize I have learned so much about the good news in the last decade that I am convinced that Jesus and the gospel are better than we have been taught.

It's early monday morning, time to get up and live and watch and read and visit some more. It's good.

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