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Friday, April 13, 2012

Death and Taxes

Our Good Friday pulpit decoration.

I get funny feelings during this yearly ordeal. For the last several years I have paid someone to do the leg work which eased the mental burden, but this year I have had to face the fact once again that the stock market has not helped us reach any kind of satisfactory retirement goals. In other words, depressingly, my death would be a great financial boon to my wife.

This was impressed upon me deeper because I actually moved some money out of the stock market this week. The Dow closed that day exactly the same as it was on Dec. 3rd 2007 when, according to the article, a democratic house and senate put new leaders in two areas, housing and banking, that would sow the seeds for a disaster 18 months later.

This do not make me feel any better in this volatile election year. Investing and electing are all about trying to figure out the future. if this happens, then this will happen, if it goes this way, you better be going that way. Sheesh!!!! All of life takes some degree of trust. Who can you trust to get you where you hope to be?

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dominee said...

Praise God we know the final outcome of all things and can trust in Him!