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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

God Wins

When I was promoting the ideas in Rob Bells book "Love Wins" I knew that Bell was being the provocateur and raising questions without really giving chapter and verse about how he got his points.

The blow back books that came out suggested that "God Wins" was better than love wins because Bell's view was too inclusive. Sinners who do not repent have to lose for God to win, says Mark Galli in his response.

I am coming to the increasing confidence that Paul's Gospel allows God to win by allowing love to win through the cross of Christ. The sticking point is this blind spot in Augustinian Theology that states that the only way for God to win is an eternal isolation of evil from good in a place called Hell. God wins because sin in put in a lock box. Paul taught that the box could be emptied by justice, mercy, and ultimate reconciliation. Time can be served, divine forgetfulness can be employed so that those doing wrong and those wronged can join the joyful throng in bowing the knee.

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