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Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day

The earth is the Lord's, He loves it, and so do I.  We have been learning about the privileged planet and its unique place in the galaxy, a place protected and placed optimally for exploration of the greater universe.

This is so different than the depressing worldview of Carl Sagan who saw it all as random and meaningless.

Christians who fall into the Platonic trap of despising this world and longing for spirit world only have not really understood the Gospel of the restoration of all things in heaven, and on earth.

God is a Spirit, but He created the universe for His and our enjoyment in ages to come, in raised and new bodies, fully bodies yet adapted for life in the expanded universe.

Meanwhile, every moment in God's creation  is a taste of glory and of glory ahead.

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dominee said...

You have me thinking beyond us mere mortals. Dogs, cats and all created creatures. Trees, flowers. Their plight because of sin, (Martin Z thinks the animals spoke in the beginning)and then their reconciliation (ALL things being made new!)Wow! Even this earth is going to be something to look forward to!