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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Schedule

Our Church runs year round, we have no Sunday School because we do not own the building where we worship, the funds to build the church were raised by this church, but it became a Chapel used by multiple congregations, long story, not my point.

We have a lovely room for our Bible Studies, and they run from October through April, seven on, five off.
As I type the group of ladies who meet here on Tuesdays are gone a week early because their teacher had to return to Washington State.

Our active country clubs become used more infrequently, golfers fight for the earliest tee times to avoid the midday heat, walkers are out early and late but not during the dead zone. These are all parts of the rhythm of life in a retirement community and a desert landscape.

At first it felt funny but now I get it and I love it. Laura and I launch into reading projects, we plan a short vacation as Laura loves being home in the summer. So, a movie nite tonight to end our Tuesday group, one more men's Bible Study tomorrow, a last Thursday study, and a shift in schedule. As I have never served one church this long, there is no looping back to old series, and as my life passion to find and enjoy answers in the presence of God goes forward, I have always new ground to plow. Life is growth in the light.

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