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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Annual Procrastinators Reunion

So, I have had my taxes prepared for three years and decided to use good ole Turbo Tax this year, and found out that so many people are e-filing that good ole Mesa Post Office no longer stays up late.

I ended up at 10:30 at Pheonix Munincipal Baseball Stadium lining up with thousands to drop off our Taxes.

It is the one time the procrastinators of the world unite. We are a proud bunch, no matter how much we try we just cannot get the job done until the last minute. One reason I enjoy it is the feeling of relief when you pass those documents to the mail people.

Good Ole Turbo Tax would not allow me to e file because it just kept asking me to do something crazy, to take my housing allowance and put it in the place where people who keep home childcare services. So, there I was out among the late filers, remembering the good ole days.

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